At SmashBox|20 it's about the experience and sure, smashing anything is awesome, but we like to get a little creative with it; which is why we're providing the following Super Sessions that some, even have their own special day because they are so super!

  • For Starters - we have small, medium, and large Super Smasher add-ons like TV's, small appliances, glass table tops, and windshields that can be added to any smash package to make it a Super Session!

If you're looking for something particular you want to smash, be sure to give us a call, because we almost always can find what you're looking for.

  • Ice Block Super Smashers - There's nothing dry about this Super Session add-on! Yep, that's right; you can add-on an 11lb block of ice to any session and smash them into snow cones with our smash tools! See add-ons when booking.

  • Fruit Salad Sunday's - For those of you old enough to remember the guy, Gallagher is the inspiration behind this sweet session! Book this Sunday only Super Session to experience the thrill of smashing a watermelon, or the explosion of a cantaloupe smashing it with a sledgehammer! Check us out in the fall when we can get our hands on some pumpkins too! Did we mention that all the smashed fruit is sent directly over to the SPCA of Tampa Bay's Wildlife division to feed pigs, horses, and iguanas each week?!

  • Smash by Numbers - Just like paint by numbers, we provide the canvas and the line-up of paint-filled smashers - you channel your inner Picasso and smash art class with your unique piece, yours to keep with your session!

  • Car Super Smashers - This is the daddy-mac of all smashing! Want to let it all out on an entire car? You got it! Select Super Sessions when booking your event and choose up to 5 or 10 guests that can beat the brakes off of one!

  • Smashing for Charity - SmashBox|20 cares about the community and the environment, and we love smashing for charity! Give us a call to discuss how we can help with your next fundraiser and give your donors a smashing good time!

  • Custom Smash Sessions - If you want to celebrate with some smashing, we can help you plan your next shindig! Whether it's date night, team building, a divorce party, or a b-day smash, we've got you covered. Even if you're looking for something specific to smash, a toilet, copy machine, china cabinet, heck, a blow-up doll with a picture of your ex on it! We can deliver! Just give us a call to design your custom smash session today!

For more information on any of our Super Sessions, add-ons, or custom smash sessions, give us a call!